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Educator Resources

Educator Resources


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Presentations and workshops where I share my process for writing children's fantasy novels. I am passionate about encouraging students to pen their own stories! Virtual or in-person.


Free 15 minute virtual Q&A visit if your class or book club has read one of my books of middle grade fiction. I would love to connect with you and your students.


Free downloads! Chapter-by-chapter questions, book projects and examples to get your students engaged. Created by K. B. Nelson, EdS, M. Ed. at


"The kids were so engaged and energized - they went back to class buzzing about the writing process." - Monica Laux, Librarian, Henley Middle School, Crozet, VA


"Our students left inspired and ready to start writing their own stories. Highly recommend!" - Sara Glenn, Librarian/Media Specialist, Riverside Middle School, Greenville, SC

"The children left the presentation energized to work on their own writing ideas." - Kinla Nelson, Science Lab, City View Elementary, Mableton, GA


Addison Bohnsack, Teacher

"Landra was engaging and passionate. She was able to show students the beauty and creativity in writing and even inspired one of my students to begin researching and planning her very own book!"

Jadyn Neumann, Teacher

"Landra Jennings had such a wonderful presentation at our school! It was interactive for kids, so student friendly, and had some amazing- actionable strategies students can use and that we can use for creative writing in class. The students were engaged and so involved!"

JoAnna Gorkaya, Teacher

"She did a great job of bringing life to the writing process, generating ideas, and making writing real life for the students."


CO – Clear Sky Elementary, Castle Rock, 4th-6th

CO – Prairie Crossing Elementary, Parker, 3rd-6th

CO – Aspen Crossing Elementary, Aurora, 5th

CO – Castle Rock Elementary, Castle Rock, 5th-6th 

GA – City View Elementary, Mableton, 4th-5th

GA – The Howard School, Atlanta, 3rd-7th

GA – Springmont Montessori School, Atlanta, 3rd-6th

IL – Clow Elementary School, Naperville, 3rd-5th

IL – Patterson Elementary School, Naperville, 3rd-5th

NC – Combs Elementary School, Raleigh, 3rd-5th

NC – St. Timothy’s Episcopal School, Raleigh, 3rd-5th

NC – Greensboro Academy, Greensboro, 3rd-8th 

NC – Lake Norman Charter School, Huntersville, 5th-8th

SC – Bethel Elementary School, Simpsonville, 3rd-5th

SC – Charleston Day School, Charleston, 5th-7th

SC – Christ Church Episcopal School, Greenville, 3rd-6th

SC – Pelham Road Elementary School, Greenville, 4th-5th

SC – Pickens Elementary School, Pickens, 3rd-5th

SC – Riverside Middle School, Greenville, 6th-7th

SC – West Pelzer Elementary School, Pelzer, 3rd-5th

TN – Sewanee Elementary School, Sewanee, 3rd-5th

TN – The Bright School, Chattanooga, 3rd-5th

VA – Henley Middle School, Crozet, 6th-7th

Washington D.C. – Langley Elementary School, 5th

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