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A dazzling story of grief and found family wrapped in a spellbinding fairy tale, perfect for fans of Anne Ursu and Jodi Lynn Anderson.

Eleven-year-old Mira wishes everything could go back to the way it was. Before she changed schools and had to quit gymnastics. Especially before Papa died. Now she spends her days cooking and cleaning for her stepsisters and Val—who she still won’t call mom and still won’t forgive for the terrible thing she did.

When a mysterious girl named Lyndame appears out of the woods wielding a powerful wand, she makes Mira an offer she can’t refuse: she will grant Mira three wishes. What if magic isn’t just pretend after all? What if these wishes could fix everything? But in the quiet town of Between, Georgia, where secrets lurk and rumors swirl of strange creatures, nothing is as it seems, and everything comes at a price.

Rising talent Landra Jennings weaves together an enchanting, modern fairy tale with eloquence and compassion about finding hope after loss—and finding belonging in the places we least expect.


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"Landra Jennings crafts an enchanting story of a girl searching for her true home after the loss of her parents. With her, we discover that there are all kinds of magic in the world (if you know where to look), and more importantly, all kinds of families. Warm, witty and wonderful." - Anne Ursu, Author of The Troubled Girls of Dragomir Academy

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WAND '23-24 Fairy House Contest Winners

1st Place: Laine and Nora, Lake Norman Charter School

2nd Place (tie): Iris, Pelham Elementary School

2nd Place (tie): Ryan, The Bright School

3rd Place: Jinisha, Lake Norman Charter School

Honorable Mention: Evie, The Bright School

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